Oriental Medicine


One of the most fundamental differences between Eastern and Western medical foundations is the capacity to view you, as a person, as a complete and holistic picture of health. An Oriental Medicine Practitioner is trained to see the pattern of disharmony reflecting in your body and mind and treat both accordingly, be that manifesting as one illness or many. Oriental Medicine can help you to feel grounded, centred, and comfortable in your own body again.
Oriental Medicine regards any pathology as part of an overall pattern of disharmony and imbalance. This may, and often does, mean that we observe and treat physical, emotional, and energetic aspects attributed to a disorder together, at the same time. One aspect might be treated but another will also improve. This will often be reflected by symptoms (and shifts) across the mind and body simultaneously. Chinese Medicine links emotions, experiences and organ pathologies together.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are not magic bullets. Many health conditions are complex and a true multi modality approach is frequently necessary. However, regardless of details of how and why, considering that many conditions are now known to be related to nervous system disruption, brain nodal function, and inflammatory processes of the body, and that Acupuncture has by far the most comprehensive evidence base proving efficiency in treating some of these aspects of human physiology, a large part of the potential solution has been missing from the picture.

Oriental Medicine is used as both a primary and adjunctive technique for the management and prevention of many health conditions for billions of people throughout the world. The practice of Oriental Medicine includes Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Traditional Chinese Medical Dietetics, Exercise therapy such as Qi Chung and Tai Chi, and Therapeutic Massage (Tui Na).

Although I have a personal interest in psycho emotional health and well being, please feel most welcome to come if you have been recommended to me or the clinic is convenient for you! I treat all kinds of disharmony and disorders, aches and pains.