Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese remedies employ a systemic approach toward disease, negating the risk of over-treatment or development of drug tolerance. Depending on the client’s condition, a different formula of 5-20 herbs is used to target the health issue at best possible effectiveness with minimal to no side effects. Results vary by person and condition.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a comprehensively tested, effective and safe form of treatment for many health conditions, ranging from acute injuries and trauma to chronic health complaints. They add a long term and powerful benefit to your treatment and can shorten treatment time considerably if utilised well.

Chinese herbs can assist in many aspects of conditions including, but not limited to:

  • hormone regulation
  • energy and exhaustion
  • immunity
  • post viral fatigue and recovery
  • mood regulation
  • headaches and migraines
  • sleep and insomnia resolution
  • sports injuries – recovery and maintenance
  • trauma and broken bones – healing and wound repair
  • digestive disturbances
  • All Chinese Herbal Medicines at Practitioner level available for sale in Australia are regulated: no endangered, rare or otherwise unusual animal substances are, or have ever been, permitted for use in this country. However many sources of ‘herbs’ are available without certification or testing: I strongly recommend you purchase Practitioner level brands only, which are tested under the stringent standards of the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) here in Australia.

    Practitioner grade herbs in both Pill and Granule (loose powder form) form are available at the clinic: the brands stocked are tested comprehensively and regularly at EUROFIN, the worlds top Independent Herbal testing Laboratory for the presence of pesticides, heavy metals and toxins of all kinds before being compounded and permitted into Australia. Chinese Herbs in Australia are also under the CITES scheme – The Certification Scheme for the use of Endangered Species.

    Many Traditional Herbal formulas have been tested in conjunction with Western Prescription Medicines, for both safety and increased efficiency: however, contraindications and interactions are, of course, very possible – you should always take Herbal Medicines under the care of a prescribing Health care practitioner who will research these interactions before prescribing a herb for you. Please do not presume “Natural” automatically means “safe”!

    I am currently doing an additional qualification of a Masters in Applied Science – Chinese Herbal Medicine through RMIT to have additional Registration as a Chinese Medical Herbalist.

    Please be aware that for legal reasons I am unable to facilitate drop ins to collect replacement herbs (without an appointment) if you are not already a client.

    (Herbal Medicines are a separate cost to treatment and will be selected as appropriate for your individual condition)