How many treatments do I need?

Due to my Registration as An Acupuncturist under AHPRA (as well as basic common sense) its impossible for me to give you an answer as to how many sessions you may need for your condition – especially before you have even had a consult.

Please do not think that you have had one or two treatments, not seen a result and therefore ‘acupuncture doesn’t work’. This is highly unrealistic and fundamentally, does you no favours. There is no such thing as a magic bullet and if you honestly wish to improve your health condition you will need to commit to making appropriate changes and giving your body the opportunity to heal.

Acupuncture, like all forms of medicine, is an art as well as a science and people respond very differently I prefer to see how you respond after an initial appointment before giving you a clearer window of potential outcomes. I suggest you commit at least 6 treatments to give you a realistic opportunity to see how you respond.

Keep in mind that it is in Jade’s interest to get you well again, and your health issue resolved as quickly as possible. Over-servicing is not in anyone’s interest and is not part of an ethical practice. But under-servicing will get you poor results and is not in your best interest either.