Complex Cases


Its not unusual for someone who has been unwell for a significant period of time to have multiple issues of concern. Some may be more significant on the priority list than others, but often because the entire body is under so much stress, numerous aspects of health with suffer and struggle to regain equilibrium.

Its quite common to see migraines and chronic muscular pain and depression or anxiety (or both) and digestive sensitivity and period pain (in a woman) appear together, at the same time.

For an Oriental Medicine practitioner, this is not only logical, but completely predictable. A disorder in one area, by definition, must go somewhere else eventually if is not resolved. Western Medicine is just starting to acknowledge this as a ‘symptom cluster’. In Oriental Medicine, where we’ve been looking at health as a holistic interaction of numerous body systems for thousands of years, we refer to this a pattern. And as a practitioner, its what I’ve been extensively trained to diagnose and treat to get the best possible outcome, for you as an individual.

In Oriental Medicine, we look for an overall picture of health – or lack of it – and its why so often when we treat one apparently singular issue, other presenting complaints also respond and improve. Many aspects which appear unrelated from a Western Medical framework make complete sense from ours. I work with GP’s, Psychologists, Pain Specialists, and other Medical professionals as part of a team to get the best benefit for you, personally.

I often find that the thing Western Medicine has found so troubling in Oriental Medicine – that we work on multiple issues of health and health disturbance at the same time, that benefits are not singular and isolated – is the very thing that most people would consider our greatest asset. I work on pain, insomnia, anxiety, digestive disturbance, women’s health, and pharmaceutical side effects, all in one treatment. Its amazingly effective for you, as a patient. Multiple benefits across numerous health issues is not a disadvantage!