Real Acupuncture

Real Acupuncture, sometimes referred to as Traditional Acupuncture, Chinese or Oriental Acupuncture, is practiced by a Registered Acupuncturist.

Acupuncture treatment – by a registered Acupuncturist – is widely acknowledged in the management of pain and musculoskeletal disorders however, by utilising a holistic approach to illness, it is recognised medically as being effective in the treatment of digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, immune, gynaecological, urological and psychological disease, with minimal to no side effects.

Oriental Medicine does and has never separated the body from the mind – we are the original holistic mind and body practitioners. We view physical, emotional, and physiological aspects as part of an overall pattern of health, equally relevant and important. In an initial interview, we will ask a number of questions regarding not only the the major issue you are presenting for, but also numerous related factors around your energy, sleep and overall health. We will also offer lifestyle advice, strategies, and other adaptations specific to you. Its not just about needles!

In an Acupuncture treatment, fine, hair thin needles are inserted into the body at specific Acupuncture points*.These acupuncture points will activate, clear, tonify or sedate various aspects of your body functions to improve your health and encourage healing and recovery, specific to your individual pattern of disharmony. We may also find a specific sore spot, as well as these specific Acupuncture points (‘ah shi’ in Chinese Medicine – meaning – ‘ah! thats it!’) which is the trigger point style now being simplified and utilised in ‘dry needling’.

Typically, needles are left for a period of up to 20-30 minutes, but for some purposes, quick, superficial insertion and removal of the needles will be a more appropriate scenario.

I use high quality, superfine needles and will discuss and adapt styles specific to your needs and comfort levels.

*Acupuncture points do, in fact, physically exist. Numerous fMRI and other clinical studies have demonstrated that Acupuncture points exist within a 5mm radius, specific and accurate to the points found and documented in China 2000 years ago. These points exhibit higher levels of oxygenation, blood and nerve supply than other skin cells. Acupuncture points also regulate numerous biochemical, hormone and physiological responses, usually around homeostasis and natural equilibrium. Specific Acupuncture points often also activate areas of the brain specifically related to biological functions. This is why we do 2000 hours of training: to get these points right!